About Anvil

Anvil was founded by two automotive engineers, who were developing the Polestar 1 car , upon discovering a shared passion for watches, design and development. After studying high end brands they realized they could beat the competition with their handmade leather straps, from ethicly sourced premium leather, combined with clever design and the highest quality focus.

The overall aesthetic of anvil watches brings together a number of key elements. The two founders bring the strength of two nations together, stylish Swedish design with simple modern Scandinavian styling, British built handmade robustness with timeless class and sophistication, moulding the two together into a single rounded piece.

Every watch comes with a handmade strap made by the sister company anvil workshop. Using high quality leather and traditional techniques, the straps are cut and stitched by hand giving the possibility for infinite bespoke colour and shape combinations to personalise your anvil watch specifically to your style.

In order to assure the build quality of the watches we use a mixture of different movements and suppliers. By using well known movements from companies like seiko and miyota we can asure reliability and precision without increasing costs beyond reach.

Ultimately here at anvil we want to make a product that our customers are happy with and  enjoy every day, keeping time never felt so good.

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