Where function meets style

Named after the infamous rally Acropolis in Greece where gruelling international rally completion has been pitting Man and machine against the toughest conditions since the 1950s. Due to the nature of the rally, with a mix of rough, twisty mountain stages and coupled with blistering heat and choking dust, the Acropolis Rally is one of the toughest on the world rally circuit to succeed here required skill and resilience from the drivers and uncompromising precision and durability from the machine.

The Anvil Acropolis has been designed and produced with these factors in mind. Made to resist the day to day rigors that watches are subject to. The Anvil Acropolis is made to be worn all day every day and with the simple white face styling will fit with any occasion. In further homage to the motorsports background the electric blue hands give a touch of colour like a sponsor’s livery and the extra second dial resembling a Taco or pressure gauge.